First we shape our buildings, and then our buildings shape us.

We can’t remember where the hell we heard that, but it really makes so much sense…I mean, a store isn’t just a store. A building isn’t just a building. Those things are a lot more than just steel, concrete, bricks and wood formed together to make some kind of structure or space that people can venture in to.

Buildings and spaces are actually extremely powerful things. You see, humans are like sponges – we’re easily influenced by the things in our environment; people, places, weather, temperature etc. Just think of Scandinavia – in Finland in particular, winters consist of 21 hours of darkness, and approximately 3 hours of sunlight. For months on end. And don’t forget the fact that it’s also FREEZING COLD. Why do we bring this up? Because during those winter months, Finland actually has the highest suicide rate in the entire world. But it’s only the highest in the world during those winter months, and during the summer, the suicide rate goes back to normal. A less extreme example would be the difference in mood we feel when it’s raining, as opposed to when it’s a clear-sky sunny day outside.

But the same also holds true for the spaces and buildings in which we spend most of our time. In fact, the average human these days spends up to 90% of their time INDOORS. So it’s safe to say that the spaces we spend our time in have a huge impact on how we think and feel. And those things ultimately determine what we do with our lives, the decisions we make and where the hell we end up.

On a side note, I would be the first to agree that that’s true. At my last job, my office was essentially a glorified basement closet with no ventilation, windows, or human interaction to be spoken of. As this editorial is being written, I am sitting in the tigha HQ; a gorgeous white-walled, spacious, open concept office with high ceilings and tons of natural light. Which one do you think would make you feel happier?

So we’ve established that spaces matter. They affect us. That was something we kept in mind as we were designing our new store in Cologne, Germany. To be sure, there was a ton of thought that went in to it…

The funny thing is, the goal was never really to actually design it as a store, necessarily. The reason for that is simply because most stores themselves are boring…they’re empty spaces with racks and shelves that showcase products.

Beyond the materialism of it all, stores aren’t really places you’d typically associate with fun or cool experiences. However, it was our goal to do just that – to focus more on the experience rather than on just showcasing products for people to buy. So with that in mind, we designed the store more as a club – because with clubs, the focus is on how the space makes you feel, where every single element works together in order to create a living, breathing and cool experience for everyone who ventures in to it.

So what particular elements actually create that experience? Firstly, materials. We used unfinished concrete for the walls and ceilings in order to give a rugged, industrial vibe. In addition to that, we also opted for blackened crude steel at the entrance and for the interior – also rugged but totally sophisticated at the same time. Secondly, music. We think of music beyond simply being sounds – music can convey feelings and change emotions (hence why we get emotional overtime Adele comes on). A lot of effort was put in to selecting the right playlist for the store. Thirdly, staff. That might seem obvious, but having the right people is a critically important thing in just about any context – whether you’re in a store, at work, or in an actual club. It’s been scientifically proven that human energy and emotions transfer to those around them – which is why our store staff are friendly, courteous, fun and simply awesome. Why? Because we just want you to have a good time!!!

And that’s why we throw more parties at our store than most clubs – including pre-parties for The Weeknd, Drake, and Boiler Room-esque events with guys like TUJAMO and Sarazar.

After all, that’s why we built this damn thing in the first place – for our customers, clients and friends to have a good time and memorable experiences.  So in that sense, our store/club is really a portal in to our world – it’s a physical expression of who we are, and of what we want to be.

The great irony of it all is that for us, it’s never been just about the clothes. It’s also about the values we have, the things that inspire us, and the lifestyle we love. The clothes are – and have always been – a simple physical expression of those things. And ultimately, our new store is simply an expression of those things as well – it’s an expression of the tigha lifestyle. And we want to share that inspiration with with the world.

Wanna get inspired? Come visit us at Ehrenstraße 31 in Cologne