What you wear speaks louder than anything you say.

When you look at things that way, each item in your wardrobe turns in to something much more than just a bunch of wool, cotton or leather.

Each piece is message.

And perhaps one of the most important ‘messages’ in your wardrobe is your leather jacket.


Because the leather jacket is incredibly versatile, and simply a timeless piece. So chances are you’ll end up wearing it often.

But not all leather jackets are created equal.

There are a ton of different types of leather jackets in varying styles, looks, colors and cuts. Each type says something different about who you are as a person. So in deciding which leather jacket is right for you, you’ve gotta ask the question…

What am I?


As far as our leather jackets go, the Badass aka the leather biker jacket is the new standard. It instantly gives your outfit an edge, while still giving off that ‘I’m not trying too hard’, effortless kind of vibe.

Moreover, it’s probably the single most versatile leather jacket on the market these days, which means that you can inject that rebellious aesthetic in to just about any setting, anytime. Hell, you could even wear it to a funeral to give that ‘I’m going to the bar and getting shots right after this’ type of vibe.

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This is all about a love of simplicity, progressiveness, and a less-is-more mentality. So, the modern leather jackets are for those who are always on the cutting-edge and in-the-know.

Think of it like this: it’s like one of those awesome new things that you explain to your grandma like 50 times but she still doesn’t get it because she’s just too old.

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Straight to the point and uncomplicated, the Sporty is the kind of leather jacket that’s appropriate if you wanna look good, while not drawing too much attention to yourself. This is the kind of everyday jacket that’s suitable for the day or night, always stylish for just about any occasion, and yet doesn’t make too big of a statement – which isn’t a bad thing.

Truth be told, it’s like a slice of white bread. But not some shit kind of white bread that comes in a transparent plastic bag….we mean like some warm white bread that was baked from really good ingredients and just came out of the oven. Maybe even with some sea salt and organic dried herbs on top. Like that kind of white bread.

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While the Sporty doesn’t make too big of a statement, the No-Fucks-Given is exactly the opposite.

If you’ve got some big balls (figuratively speaking) and wanna show them off, this type of jacket’s the one for you. It’s like the fireworks on New Years Eve, or the main  course at a really high-end restaurant – if you can pull it off.

And how do you pull it off? If you need to even ask yourself that question, then…well…you probably can’t.

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At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you pick the jacket that fits most to who you are, and that you feel most comfortable in.

And no matter which one that may be, make sure to accessorize properly by leaving  your fucks at the door.