It's quiet.

The only sounds to be heard are the crickets in woods nearby, and the barking of a dog somewhere off in the distance. The water on the lake is completely still, resembling one gigantic mirror as it reflects the colors in the sky – illuminated with dramatic shades of pink and orange, as the sun sets behind the trees nearby. It’s as if the usually-blue sky has caught fire, and proceeded to fully engulf the lake below it.

The ‘fire’ spreads.

It seems as though the entirety of the heavens is in flames. But just as the fire reaches its climax, the vibrant shades of pink and orange slowly begin to dull, and eventually fade in to the blackness of night. And as I sit, alone, on the cool grass at the shore of the now pitch-black lake before me, I think to myself…


That sun set at the lake was great and all, but the honest truth is that our hearts and minds are in the big city. Plus I got like 67 mosquito bites and a cold while watching that fucking sun go down.


There’s just something about living in the big city that we can never get enough of. The energy. The noises. The smells. Everything. Say what you want about cities being too crowded, hectic or whatnot – those things can also be valid. But the true beauty of the city lies in the fact that it remains a place at which the best of the best, the most creative, and the most dynamic people come to meet, interact and live. That should never be taken for granted. We definitely don’t.

So we’ve taken that inspiration – that love for the big city – and built our first women’s capsule/mini collection around it. In doing so, we started with the question – How do we imagine the modern 21st century woman?

We picture her to be confident and ready to take on any challenge that presents itself. She’s also always on the move, forward-thinking, ambitious and never afraid to take risks. During the day she’s getting stuff done and reaching the goals she’s set for herself. But as soon as the day turns to night, she knows how to let loose and take the nightlife scene by storm.

So we’ve created the ‘Metropolitan Girl’ capsule with all those things in mind. Check it out…