In celebration of our first shoe collection, the following ‘shoe story’ comes from a member of #TEAMTIGHA whose name shall not be mentioned – and that’s probably for the best…

I never realised the importance of shoes until I got my ass kicked to the curb.

A few years ago, I was lost in the wilderness of bad-style decisions.

It’s a period I’m not particularly proud of. And while I’ve tried to forget all about it, there’s one story that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to erase from my memory…

This one time a few years ago, I took a girl out on a date. I’d met her through a friend at a club a few weeks earlier, got her number, started texting a few days later, then arranged to go out and get drinks together. Up to that point, we’d gotten along REALLY well, so I had every reason to think that the date would also go well. All I had to do was just not  screw it up.

So we met up at a bar/lounge on a Tuesday night. The setting was perfect – dim lighting, not too loud, big couches, relaxed vibe, and of course VERY strong drinks. And just as I anticipated, the date went well. It went really well. Actually, it couldn’t have gone better.

Or so I thought.

After that, she didn’t text me back. I had no idea what happened. What did I do wrong? I mean, I thought I managed not to fuck it up…I wasn’t needy. I didn’t get too drunk. We definitely got along well. But nonetheless, I never heard from her.

As time passed, I eventually forgot all about that girl – until I ran in to her at a club two years later. We caught up with each other a bit with that typical ‘what do you do now? How have you been?’ small-talk crap that’s kind of compulsory in such a situation but nonetheless everyone hates. I then proceeded to make fun of the fact that she hadn’t texted me back after our date. Then she said:

"I actually really liked you, but you were wearing a shitty, beat-up pair of Nikes. That was unforgivable."

It was in that moment that I truly realised the importance of wearing good shoes. In fact, I’d go so far as to divide my life in to two chapters:

Chapter 1: Before I realised the importance of shoes (Ignorance)
Chapter 2: After I realised the importance of shoes (Enlightenment)

As far as style goes, the importance of shoes cannot be overstated. Because the fact of the matter is that it’s pretty much impossible to be well-dressed in a pair of bad shoes. You know that old saying ‘one bad apple spoils the bunch’? Well, one bad pair of shoes spoils the entire outfit. At the very worst, a bad pair of shoes can get you dumped (like me).

At the very best, they’ll get you some dirty looks.


We know, we know…it’s unfair, isn’t it?

But the thing is, the natural human tendency to judge based on first impressions probably won’t be changing for a few more thousand years. So unless you’re still gonna be around in the year 2386, then we’d suggest stepping up your shoe game.

Because after all, we all spend 95% of our lives a) in bed, or b) in shoes. So doesn't it make sense to invest in both?

That concept of investment’s been the main inspiration behind our very first shoe collection for men (we don’t have any plans to make branded tigha mattresses yet). For us, it makes all the sense in the world to carefully and thoughtfully create very high quality shoes – especially since you’re gonna spend the majority of your life wearing them. And while you’re actually wearing them, they take more abuse than any other item of clothing or accessory (unless you count your ego as an accessory).

That was particularly important to remember when designing the first models of tigha boots. Not only must they look good, but they should also be like a best friend: they’ll stick with you through thick and thin – always there to support you. To make sure of that, we’ve ensured that all of our boots are handmade in Europe, and crafted from extremely high quality and very durable Italian calf leather. The inner lining’s also made from that same calf leather to ensure optimal comfort and durability. To top it all off, a full leather sole with a nailed-heelpart.

In other words, you can put them through absolute hell, and they’ll hold up just fine.

shoes speak louder than words

But if boots aren’t your thing, our sneakers are also made from the same high quality Italian calf leather, with welted rubber soles for a much sportier and casual look.


Ultimately, just remember that shoes speak louder than words. And what you don’t know about them might cost you, just like it cost me. So choose your shoes wisely!