Let's face it; Fashion Week is probably more about partying than it is about fashion.

Whether you’re in Milan, Paris, New York, London, Berlin or Shanghai, the respective Fashion Week runway shows and collection presentations are meant to be the focus of the whole thing. But the irony is always that the events that are meant to complement those runway shows – the parties, galas and get-togethers – end up actually being what everyone talks about.

In other words, the appetizer or dessert becomes the main dish.

And that’s not a bad thing at all. In fact, the fact that the parties are some of the most-talked-about parts of Fashion Weeks worldwide actually makes a lot of sense.

After all - partying, clubbing, nightlife or whatever you wanna call it - is and will always be deeply connected to fashion.

I mean, why do you even go out partying? At its essence, whether you’re going out to a club, a bar or wherever, the point of the whole thing is to interact with other people. It’s about being social.

On the other hand, what’s fashion at its core? It’s about expression. And without other people, there would be no need to express yourself at all…because there wouldn’t even be anybody around to see it!

See what we mean? They’re both a part of the same thing, and are therefore connected in so many ways. So it makes a LOT of sense why Fashion Week is all about the parties…AND the clothes of course 😉

That’s exactly why this year we’re throwing our own party during Berlin Fashion Week. But the thing is, this is definitely no ordinary party. In fact, it’s undoubtedly the most scandalous, sexiest, and downright crazy things we’ve ever been a part of…People are already freaking the fuck out about it.

Why? Because it's in a sex club.

But that’s all we’re gonna say about it. We’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes videos all day long this Tuesday July 4th via InstaStory (@tigha) so you can see all the Fashion Week madness for yourself…

Plus maybe a nipple or two.