For as long as I live, I will never EVER tell my parents about what happened this past Tuesday night.

We hosted our Berlin Fashion Week opening party at KitKatClub, which – for lack of a better term – is a sex club.


Because in our world, there are always two options, and two options only: Go BIG or go home.

And BIG it definitely was.

When we say we mean big we mean big. I mean, the cops even got called because there were just way too many waiting outside to get in…

And the scene on the inside?

Well, let’s just say that most (or all) of what happened inside the club that night is just too shocking for the general public.

As they say: what happens in KitKat stays in Kitkat.

But on the other hand, the photos taken in Kitkat will live forever on the internet. So on that note, here’s some photo evidence from this already-infamous night…