It's hard being quiet when your imagination's just so loud...

But you know what? For our new ROCK ROMANCE collection, we’re giving a big proverbial middle finger to the notion of being quiet. Because, well, fuck that.

It’s way more fun being loud anyways. Sure, it might piss some people off. Some might think less of you. But hey – that’s just the price to pay for being free…

And to be sure, that’s what ROCK ROMANCE is all about:

Being loud and free.

In that sense, it’s actually a lot different from everything we’ve done before. In seasons past, we’ve always more or less been known for creating those rock-inspired pieces like biker jackets, rip jeans and so on. But this time around we’ve decided to take things up a level…or a few levels.

So think of the new collection as tigha on steroids.

And by steroids we mean loud prints and patterns. Untypical materials. Bold shots of color. Basically, what we’ve done for ROCK ROMANCE is we’ve taken all the best pieces from past collections, and made them much, much bolder and more exciting.

Because life’s a lot more fun when you live it OUT LOUD.

Here are a few looks from ROCK ROMANCE…