Franggy Yanez - Amsterdam, Netherlands

The man. The legend. The beard.

But seriously, Franggy’s been a friend of ours for awhile now, and we’ve seen first hand how far he’s come. Originally from Venezuela but now based in Amsterdam, the influencer, photographer and Youtuber is seriously a one man content creating machine. We caught up with him in Amsterdam to ask him the question – who are you? Here’s what he had to say…

I’m originally from Venezuela – a beautiful place ruled by lots of corrupt people. But still gorgeous 😉

The best part about what I do is definitely being my own boss. Not only does it allow em to do what I love, but it also allows me to have total creative freedom.

How would other people describe me? Probably nice and sociable, if they were to meet me in person. But if they were to know me just by my online persona, then they’d probably say I have a huge ego.

Everything inspires me. I wish inspiration was something you could just ask for, but it’s often more complex than that. It can suddenly come from a song, a photo, or from other ideas.


My father has been the one who’s had the biggest impact on me. He was my mentor and my friend. I’ve never met such a hard working and devoted man in my entire life.

Losing my father two years ago really opened my eyes. It made me realize how fragile and limited life truly is.

Venezuela – being the place where I grew up – will always be special to me. As a kid, I remember every night after school all of us kids would get together outside to play, while all the neighbors sat around, drank coffee and watched us. That was paradise to me.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received is “You are the creator of your own destiny.”

I think my biggest strength is my persistence. I never give up on anything.

My very last meal would have to be my mom’s Arepas. I’ll let you Google what that is 😉


Aside for my clothes, I really don’t have that many material possessions. I’ve been moving around for so long that I just don’t carry that much stuff with me.

Personal style is a voice that is not spoken.

Dress for yourself. When you get it right, you’ll know it.

I want to be remembered as a fighter and as an explorer. My wish is to leave my photography behind as my legacy.