Trying to pick our favorite item of tigha clothing is like trying to pick which one of your children is your favorite.

Because even if one of your kids is an absolute angel and the other one is a total shithead, you’d never admit that you like one (way) more than the other. And it’s the similar with everything we make. Obviously, we love everything we make – from the outerwear, to the leather jackets, to the shoes, to the jeans and everything in between. Otherwise, we wouldn’t make it.

So you could say that we’re ‘proud parents’, kind of. But unlike most parents, we definitely do pick favorites. And while we don’t necessarily label them as ‘angels’ or ‘shitheads’, we do like some of our ‘children’ more than others. So with that said, here are our favorite pieces from our new Men’s and Women’s collections. Let’s start with the ladies, shall we?

CATHI is undoubtedly one of the highlights this season.

So why exactly is it one of our favorites? BECAUSE IT’S BOLD. While the plain black leather jacket will never go out of style, the contrasting white leather parts on the lapel as well as at the zippers add an extra punch to the classic biker jacket. So, think of it as a metaphorical extra shot in your drink.

During the winter months, you’re usually confronted with a choice: Looking good but freezing your ass off or being warm but not so stylish. Or in other words, the choice between form and function.

But with lamb skin biker jacket CATLYN, you won’t have to choose anymore – and that’s exactly why it’s our favorite winter jacket this season. It offers the perfect compromise between style and substance, because it features the classic tigha biker vibe and silhouette, as well as a luxurious shearling and lamb leather construction. The result? A winter jacket that’s both chic and warm as HELL.

And now let’s take a look at our picks for the guys…

Just by taking a look at this one, you can probably already tell why it’s one of our favorites… But let’s put our opinion aside for a second. The point is that SLADE PATCH is without a doubt one of the most straight-up badass jackets we’ve ever had the pleasure of making.

And as such, it has the ability to take even the most average outfit, grab it firmly by the ball sack, and lift it straight up to new levels of fierceness you’ve never experienced before.

To be sure, JACOBY‘s definitely not the flashiest or edgiest piece in our new men’s collection. Nonetheless, it’s one of our favorites for one very simple reason: it works. It just works.

It’s a piece that you can wear almost any time, any place: underneath a parka on a particularly cold day, as a jacket on a cool autumn evening, or at the club as a coat of armor that protects you against all the vodka cranberries that those drunk people inevitably spill all over you. In fact, the more you put JACOBY through, the better it gets. And that’s why we love it.