Sometimes we survive by forgetting

To be sure, we all have moments or memories that are really painful, and reliving them in our minds just hurts. But just as memories can tear us apart, they can also lift us up. So in that sense, sometimes we survive by remembering.  And on the 1st anniversary of our first ever store located in Cologne, we’re much more inclined to remember rather than forget. Because, well…it’s been one hell of a fucking year.

I remember I once read that ‘Each anniversary you celebrate with your partner should be a reminder of why you fell in love with them’. And yes, while I realize that thought is VERY cheesy (and something you’d probably find on pinterest with a background of flowers or a sunset on it or some shit like that), it’s nonetheless particularly appropriate on this occasion. Namely, as we celebrate our store’s one year anniversary, we’re reminded of why we started in the first place.

We started this whole adventure with two goals in mind:



 Those were our goals, and they remain our goals.

And it just so happens that our store is a tool that we use in order to accomplish both of those things. Obviously, the store is a place from where we sell things.

But that’s secondary.

the tigha store in cologne is actually a club

Because the clothes, the trends, and the seasons come and go. But the memories never die.

Most importantly, the store is a place where people come together.


The future of the tigha store can be summed up in one word: experiential.

As we move forward, we’re choosing to focus on using the store as a platform for experiences– as a portal in to our world. And that’s exactly why the future holds more parties, events, and excitement than ever before; all hosted within the walls of our store.

Speaking of which, we’ll be celebrating the store’s one year anniversary party on Saturday September 30th, 2017 from 2pm-8pm, sponsored by ABSOLUT Vodka, Warsteiner, Lakrids by Johan Bülow and Emmie Gray.  

During the party, you’ll have not one but TWO chances to WIN FREE STUFF. Namely:

  1. We’ll be giving away a 500 Euro store gift card – the winner will be picked during the event at 17:00 at random! Plus, we’ll be giving away some other awesome prizes from Lakrids by Johan Bülow or a flower box from Emmie Gray.
  2. We’ll be giving away a 500 Euro voucher which you can then use to buy ANY LEATHER JACKET OF YOUR CHOICE on our online shop! To enter, simply post a picture of you in your favorite tigha outfit on Instagram with the hashtag #tighastore1year – the winner will be announced on November 1st, 2017!

Oh yeah and there’s gonna be a god damn OPEN BAR. So come join us at Ehrenstraße 31 in Cologne on September 30th, and let’s make some memories together!