Some people say that travel is dangerous - we say that routine is deadly.

Indeed, nothing great ever comes out of staying in your comfort zone. And that’s exactly why we all travel constantly; be it for seeking out new trends and inspiration in places like Tokyo or Shanghai, going to various Fashion Weeks, or simply for pleasure, the point is that we often find ourselves on the road. And while we truly love our HQ and are proud of our origins here in Germany, there’s nothing more stimulating than seeing something new. With that said, we don’t really need to convince you about the advantages of traveling…I mean, it’s not as if someone is gonna read this blog post and think to themselves.. “Wait – you mean that traveling is actually a good thing?! I was completely unaware of the virtues of seeing different cultures. Thank you tigha for bringing me out of my ignorance!”

Instead, we’re gonna share with you a short list of rules that we follow whenever we’re abroad, so that we can get the most out of our travel experiences. Chances are, they’ll do the same for you. So without further ado…



The traveler sees what he sees – the tourist sees what he has come to see. A lot of the time, people go traveling with a closed mind – they go to new places, but don’t truly open themselves up to new experiences when they are there. And instead of broadening their minds, their travels are merely extensions of the thoughts and ideas that they had while they were at home. They might be a million miles from home, but they judge the people just the same as the way they would judge if they were back at home. That’s such a shame, because it prevents any real personal growth or insight. It prevents you from actually experiencing the place, rather than just being in it. Which is exactly the reason why travel makes the wise wiser, and makes those who are ignorant even more ignorant. So the key is to open yourself up…to truly open yourself up and not judge a foreign culture or place just because it’s different or because you don’t fully understand it. The goal should not be to see a new place, but to acquire a new way of seeing things.



It’s easy to feel uncomfortable in a new place or within a new culture, simply because it’s unfamiliar and not what we’re used to. The reality is, a foreign country isn’t designed to make you feel comfortable. It’s designed to make it’s own people feel comfortable. In fact, we’d hesitate to call places ‘foreign’ at all. Because there really are no foreign places; it’s only the traveler who is foreign. And in our experience, the more uncomfortable the trip, the more growth we experience from it, and the more we remember it afterwards. In any event, it seems as though travel is only glamorous in retrospect, so embrace the discomfort when it happens.

I have a friend who only travels to Miami. Whenever she gets some vacation time, she literally always and only goes to Miami – absolutely no place else. And to be sure, Miami is a lovely city. There’s nothing wrong with going there. And yet going to the same place over and over again is a wasted opportunity. While relaxing on South Beach might be great (metaphorically speaking), she will never see anything new, and will never experience any personal growth as long as she keeps choosing to go to Miami and only Miami.

The thing is, the first joy of experiencing a new place for the first time can never be recovered, so the best thing to do is not to even try to repeat successes, but instead to keep trying new places (almost) every time. These are by no means definitive rules, but they definitely will create more and better stories when you’re in new and strange lands… They’ve done just that for us.