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No one remembers the nights where they got a lot of sleep

And that’s our motto for the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week in January. Because we don’t really plan on getting much sleep at all. Namely, we’re throwing ANOTHER party in a sex club…but this one’s gonna be even wilder than the first.

And that’s saying a lot. Because the last time we did this, there were about 600 people at the entrance trying to get in. Eventually about 10 police cars showed up because the people were spilling on to the street and blocking traffic. Amongst other things, our fashion week sex party caused a massive traffic jam and a lot of hurt feelings.

But you can’t make everyone happy, right?

So on that note, we’re back at it again and it’s all going down in a BIG way on Tuesday January 16th in Kitkat in Berlin.

We’d tell you more, but as always…

what happens in Kitkat stays in Kitkat