If you have two working eyes, then you've probably realised we like the color black

A lot. It’s been the foundation of each of our collections since day one. However, sometimes we go a bit overboard. In the past we’ve gotten some shit from people about how we’re apparently using too much black in our collections. “You guys should brighten it up a bit” They would say… And you know what? That’s OK. Everybody’s got their own taste. Everybody’s got their own opinion. But the bottomline is that we’re just way too in love with the color black to ever consider “brighting it up a bit”. So fuck it. Instead, allow us to explain our love affair with the the wonderful, the complex, the best color of all time – black…




Leather Jacket

One of the reasons we love black so much is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can wear black for literally any occasion. A party. A dinner. In the office. At a meeting. At brunch. I mean, what other color could you wear to a sweaty techno rave AND to a funeral?! In any event, we can hardly think of any occasion for which wearing black would be somehow inappropriate. But beyond dressing for occasions, black’s also versatile because it suits everyoneIt just worksAnd not only is black contextually appropriate for people of all ages, religions, races, nationalities and sexes, but it also does the most for everyone. It’s by far the most slimming and flattering color option there is. In other words, black simply looks good on everybody, and everybody looks good in black.




To be sure, black is versatile in a practical sense. But things get even more interesting when you consider what the color black actually is. Now, let’s get one thing straight – black is NOT the absence of color. Black actually contains every color. Think about it – when you mix together a bunch of different color paints, what color do you get? BLACK. Black already includes everything; every color, shade, mood and emotion. Black doesn’t even have to try because it already contains everything. For that reason, black is literally everythingIt’s powerful. It’s elegant. It’s formal. But above all, black is mysterious. Put simply, black is EVERYTHING. It’s all-inclusive; which makes it easily the most interesting, and paradoxical, color. It’s loud and yet quiet. It’s modest and yet arrogant. It’s simple and yet complex. When you think of a poet or an artist, do you picture them wearing a bright green jacket? FUCK NO – they’re wearing black.




Life does happen in color. But when you take that color away and replace it with black, things tend to get more…umm…deep. Put it this way: when you photograph a person in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph a person in black and white, you photograph their soul. Now don’t get us wrong – we absolutely adore colors. However, we love black more because it’s so much more than just a color. It has the ability to make things deeper. It can make things more realIt somehow always captures the true essence of anything it touches. So when you wear black (or take photos in black and white), you don’t just wear a particular color like all the rest – you strip away everything that’s unnecessary, and all that’s left is you.



Black is versatile. It’s poetic. It’s deep. But most importantly – it’s simple. Whether it’s in nature or in any particular man-made creation, the best things are always those that are very simple. So simplicity’s really a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle of taking away anything that’s unnecessary. And what’s left are the essentials – the things that have substance…the things that are the most important. And that’s the real reason why we’re so in love with black; because it fits that lifestyle better than any other color. It’s simple. And for us, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.