It seems as though there's really no such thing as a genuinely 'new idea' anymore

That’s the difficulty with living in the year 2017 – everything’s been done before. Literally everythingThe moment you think you have an original and unique idea, you go on to Google to find that there are thousands of people out there who had that same ‘new’ idea years before you did. It turns out, your ‘unique’ idea isn’t so unique after all. And right there and then, your hope and enthusiasm die a brutal and quick death; just like your ice cream suddenly falling out of the ice cream cone, and hitting the ground with a depressingly soft ‘thud’ sound.

But now and again, something comes along that's truly unique - something that's truly a first

Espadrij x tigha

And in our latest collaboration with the classic French shoe-maker Espadrij, we’ve created just that: something that’s never been done before. Namely, the very first black-soled espadrilles shoesIn principle and in construction, they have the classic French espadrilles DNA. However, they’ve also been given a very distinct modern twist – think of it as ‘New School’ meets ‘Old School’. Take a look and see what we mean…