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Let's get one thing straight - we take clothes very seriously.

But when it comes to doing the photoshoots for the clothes, it’s actually better to not be so serious. And that’s exactly why most of our photoshoots for our collections consist mainly of fooling around, and listening to the kind of hip-hop that would make your mother cry.

Behind the scenes

Oh yeah – and then there’s the work and planning part of it…But that’s just not that fun to write about. So we won’t write about it. What is fun, is what takes place behind the scenes of each one of our photoshoots – the latest of which we did for our new AW’17 collection. Now, we’ve shot in a lot of cool and strange places before – abandoned warehouses, factories, and hotels all come to mind. But this was the first time we went totally in to the wild, and did the photoshoot…well, in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Seriously, I ended up being covered in dirt by the end of this thing. But at least I got a good tan! Whoops I mean, at least we got some good photos!