If you know us at all, two things about us should be obvious: We love the color black and we love partying

We’re essentially always on the lookout for an excuse to go out, or to host a party ourselves. And last week, one of those excuses came in the form of the Drake concert in Cologne. We were ready to host the official #BOYMEETSWORLD concert party in our store on Ehrenstraße. The stage was set – the people were invited, the RSVPs were coming in, the open bar was set up. Everything was in place.

And then what happened? Our beloved champagnepapi cancelled the concert. FUCK.

The official explanation was that he was sick. But numerous sources reported that he was partying in Paris during the time he was supposedly ‘sick’. Maybe he just got too lit. Who knows…In any event, he cancelled the Cologne show. So what did we do? I mean, the party was scheduled especially for the now-non-existent concert. So we did exactly what common sense would indicate, and party anyways! I mean, it’s not as if we were gonna let all that ABSOLUT vodka go to waste…Drake’s loss…

And it’s a good thing we made that decision – it ended up being one of the best parties we’ve ever hosted in our store. Great people, good vibe, lots of drinks, and some ridiculously good mini-burgers courtesy of Turbobao