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Drunk shopping is like going on a Tinder Date – it’s probably a bad idea, but at least it’s gonna be funny.

Now that I think of it, drunk shopping’s funny while it happens, while Tinder dates are only funny in hindsight….But that’s a discussion for another day. ANYWAYS. (Semi) drunk shopping is exactly what went down last week as we hosted a good old-fashioned store pre-drink for the Kendrick Lamar concert in Cologne, attended by some of our good friends like Cheng Loew, Deanthonyfelice, Betty Taube and more. And truth be told, the whole thing got a little bit…LIT.

OK fine, maybe not just a little bit.

But it got lit enough that it was a struggle making it to the actual concert. And we’re all really glad we did because it was a hell of a show with one of the best crews a jaded millennial could ever ask for.

 But anyways….take a look for yourself!