One of the greatest ironies is that we place so much worth on what we’re doing at this very moment, and yet we remember so little of it later. Whatever it is that seems so important to you right now won’t matter at all to you later. Case in point – Yesterday I spent over 45 minutes sitting on my couch while deciding on what I wanted to order for lunch. So what? Well, now I don’t even remember what I ordered anymore. All I know is that I ate….something. And I know that it tasted OK. Because if it had tasted incredible, then I clearly would have remembered it. And that’s a microcosm for life in general. We only remember the things that are extraordinary – the things that are worth remembering. The rest is all just a big blur that endures for a lifetime.

And amongst those things worth remembering was the latest AboutYou Awards that took place in Munich a few weeks ago. So what made it so extraordinary?

The whole tigha team was there in full force

And the very best part is that we had a tigha VIP lounge in the backstage area of the Awards – fully equipped with an open bar, DJ and a motherfucking ball pit. And if you don’t think that a ball pit is worth remembering…well…then you should know that there’s a very cold and dark place in hell reserved for you. And when you get there, Satan himself will greet you at the door, before bending you over and ass-fucking you for the rest of eternity. Sorry…that got really dark, really quickly…

Let’s see, where were we? Oh right – ABOUTYOUAWARDS! Among the attendees were 700 influencers from all across Germany, in addition to 400 lucky fans. And on top of that, the whole awards show was broadcast live on Prosieben and Livestreamed. So needless to say, the awards show itself was a hell of a spectacle. But truth be told, the real highlight of the night was the after party which took place in our VIP lounge. And we’re not just saying that because it was our VIP lounge.

The place was seriously lit like a Christmas tree

But I mean, you can pretty much imagine what it was like with almost 700 influencers in attendance. And amongst them were some notable friends of the brand such as Novalanalove, Riccardo Simonetti, Steffi Giesinger, Lena Gercke, Thomas Hayo and Michael Michalsky – just to name a few. And you can also imagine what happens when you combine an open bar with a ball pit… But in any event, check out the photos and videos so you can get the full picture. P.S. I just remembered that I ordered a chicken curry for lunch yesterday. It was mediocre at best.