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In our world, a party isn’t really a party without a pre-party

Put it this way – there’s a really big difference between an amazing meal (with an appetizer, main course and dessert) and simply having something to eat. On one hand, a meal is all about enjoying the process…it’s an experience. Whereas on the other hand, simply having one dish to eat – even if it tastes amazing – just doesn’t have that same effect. You know what I mean? I hope you do.

That’s exactly why we found it appropriate to team up with Maybelline to organize an influencer pre-party for our Fashion Week event at Anomalie in Berlin this past July. And unfortunately for pretty much every single male in the city of Berlin, this pre-party was strictly girls-only and was restricted exclusively to some of the biggest and brightest influencers and bloggers from all around Germany. Seriously….I’ve never seen so many good looking girls in one place at one time. And when I say ‘seen’, I mean I saw them because I was watching them through one of the windows because you know….I’m a fucking dude. And by the way, that last sentence sounded a lot less creepy before I actually wrote it down here….


The point is, this was truly a pre-party for the ages – open bar, makeup stations from Maybelline, and stylists on hand from our own team. And like always, pictures say more than words ever can. So here are some photos and videos from that amazing evening…