Look down at your feet. Just do it.

Chances are you’re wearing shoes. And from now on, whenever you take a quick second to look down at your feet, you’ll realise that you’re wearing shoes most of the time. It’s actually pretty crazy when you think about it. We’re brought in to this world kicking and screaming, then we spend the next 70, 80, 90 years or more either in shoes, or in bed. Everything you experience, all the friends you make, all the tough times you go through…for as long as you can remember, and as long as you will remember, you will be wearing something on your feet through all of it. In that sense, your very existence is attached to footwear. OK…you get it.


They matter a lot. And that’s exactly why we took the process of designing and crafting our new men’s shoe collection seriously. Veryseriously. We started with a question…How can we deliver a shoe that’s both rugged and elegant? Our goal was to achieve the perfect balance of performance and style across several shoe styles. In other words, to make a shoe that looks good, and can go through absolute hell and still be up to the task. Everything that followed – design process, sourcing materials, production – never deviated from that goal. And what we’ve ended up with are several boot models for men that rival the best products we’ve ever made.

But don’t take our word for it; click on the link to explore them yourself. And be ready because that’s only the men’s shoes…the ones for women are already on their way!