As cliché as it sounds, there’s a first time for everything… First kiss. First job. First car. Losing your virginity.

To be sure, some of those humps (pun intended) are easier to get over than others. The first time you do anything is always the hardest, the most intimidating, the most complicated. But after that, things usually get easier and easier….usually. Obviously there are exceptions to that rule. I remember when I got my first car it was all fun and games until about a month later when I basically destroyed the whole left side of the car while trying to park in a KFC parking lot. I then lied to my parents and told them that I hit a deer while driving on the highway.


The point is that the first time is always the hardest. Such was the case with our first shoe collection for women. Truth be told, a lot of work, sweat and tears went in to developing it. But the result is entirely worth it; a collection of footwear that’s sleek and made for the lifestyle of the modern urban girl. In other words, they’re the perfect mix of form and function.

And with that said, we invite you to be the judge and check it out for yourself!